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Mashimex industrial procurement company was established in 2002 by long experienced professional executives in international trade and engineering fields. Mashimex is a supplier of industrial specialty package products in the fields of Water and Wastewater Treatment, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Automotive, Mining, Transmission and Pipelines, Power and Utilities
Pulp and Paper, Housing, automation, and construction.

We at Mashimex industrial are dedicated toward providing the following services to our industrial clients:

  1.  Providing quality solutions for logistic and procurement bottlenecks of our clients by utilizing extensive managerial and field experiences as well as capabilities of our affiliated offices.
  2. Comprehensive A-Z procurement services for supplying raw material, machinery and spare parts by delivering all the way at clients designated destination.
  3. Offering logistic solutions for our clients in targeted industrial sectors. These services are supported by executive expertise in industrial procurement as well as by affiliated specialized companies.

Mashimex has 15 years of tall standing track record in EPC projects and is proud of its name reminds reliability and service to its customers.

industrial Procurement

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Management team

​The management team of the company includes two MBA degree holders and a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering. Each bring decades of exclusive experience in leading large scale industrial, engineering, and trading companies.

Technical Staff

The company employs a young and energetic team of experts in the fields of engineering, marketing, sourcing, public relations, freight and forwarding, custom clearance, and banking/documentation fields.

About Us

Global Presence


Global Presence: Mashimex Inc. around the World

In order to be a successful company in the 21st century, you must serve customers all over the world. To do this effectively, Mashimex has aligned its operations close to its customers and suppliers. Our procurement and engineering processes are applied consistently across all our global operations, and our employees live in the local market regions they serve. 

01. Toronto, Canada, HQ

Located in the heart of Canadian manufacturing and retail sectors, our headquarter provides quality solutions for logistic and procurement bottlenecks of industrial clients in US and Canada.


02. Dubai, UAE 

The location was picked up with due diligence because of its unique position as a dynamic business hub of the Middle East, Africa and Sub-Continent.

03. Shanghai, China 

This branch allows us to have a much closer relationship with Asia market, end users, and suppliers.

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